Małopolski Szlak Papieski

distance (km) altitude m a.s.l.
pilgrimage, yellow
231 km
↗ 9 597 m
↘ 9 584 m
A Kalwaria Zebrzydowska PKP
B Stary Sącz PKP

In 2003 PTTK Central Mountaineering Centre marked out and labelled Lesser Poland Pope's Trail of John Paul II, leading from Kalwaria Zebrzydowska to Stary Sącz (231 km). The Trail has got side routes called options of Lesser Poland Pope's Trail (10 sections). A maximum distance of the trail, including the options, is approximately 620 km. The Lesser Poland Pope's Trail is a theme one. It uses the already existing network of PTTK trails. It shows places which Karol Wojtyła visited and travelled to. Lesser Poland Pope's Trail of Saint John Paul II covers of course Wadowice with the Basilica of the Presentation of the Blessed Virgin Mary and the Family House of John Paul II, Stary Sącz with the Sanctuary of Saint Kinga and the papal altar, Passion and Marian Sanctuary in Kalwaria Zebrzdowska, Sancuary of Mary the Queen of Podhale in Ludźmierz and many other monuments of culture and art. The Trail leads through Orawa Ethnographic Park, Władysław Orkan Museum in Rabka-Zdrój, PTTK Mountaineering Culture Centres and tourist chapels. All these places create cultural heritage of our region, which was reminded about many times by the pope Saint John Paul II.

On the trail

Visitation of the Blessed Virgin Mary church


Long Młaki

Tent base on Lubań

Pass by Piorunowiec


Bald Mount

Nowa meadow

Trusiówka meadow

Gorczański Park Narodow

Tent base on Gorc

Klekociny Pass

Świnkówka meadow

Gorczański Park Narodowy

Kiczorki (Cyl Śmietanowa Mountain Pasture)

Hala Śmietanowa

Śmietanowa mountain pasture



Pasmo Policy

Borek Pass

Gorczański Park Narodowy

St. Luke the Evangelist's Greek Catholic church


Gorzeń Górny

Spytkowicka Pass (Bory Pass)

Góry Wielkie

Ochotnica Dolna


Zawoja Widły






Long Młaki

Jaroszowicka Góra

Gorc Kamienicki

Nad Gancarzem Pass

Beskid Mały

Oravian Ethnographic Park in Zubrzyca Górna

Zubrzyca Górna

Crucifiction of Lord Jesus church



Pasmo Lubania

Zawoja Center



Krościenko nad Dunajcem


Bukowina Miejska


Stary Sącz

Finding of the Holy Cross church in Ochotnica Dolna

Ochotnica Dolna


Higher Seminary of Bernardines


Papal chapel on Ruznakowa Polana

Polana Rusnakowa

Mount Range of John Paul II

Hermitage of the Five Polish Brothers and St. Maria Magdalene's chapel


Kucałowa Pass

Pasmo Policy


Gorczański Park Narodowy


Pasmo Lubania

Zawoja Czatoża

Papieżówka valley

Do Grabca

Przysłop Pass

Oravian Ethnographic Park in Zubrzyca Górna

Zubrzyca Górna

Władysław Orkan's PTTK Mountain Refuge on Turbacz

Polana Wolnica

Professor Zenon Klemensiewicz's Nature Reserve on Polica

Pasmo Policy

Chapel between Moszczenica and Przysietnica

Remains of Barwałd castle

PTTK mountain refuge at Prehyba

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