About the project

This site has been launched thanks to implementation of two projects by COTG PTTK:

1. TOURIST TRAILS IN LESSER POLAND - Integration of various trails and other tourist attractions into a consistent and comprehensive regional product. The project has been co-funded by the European Union by the Regional Operational Programme for the  2007-2013 period for Małopolska. The objective of the project is to IMPLEMENT A NEW TOURIST PRODUCT - A REGIONAL SYSTEM OF TOURIST TRAILS, through systematisation of trails and providing geographical details about them and creation a regional portal dedicated to tourist trails in Lesser Poland as a tool for managing the system of trails and creation of a possibility to shape a unified and comprehensive trademark of touris trails of Lesser Poland.

2. "Support for active tourism in Lesser Poland through innovation and retrofitting tourist trails and extension of a portal  http://www.malopolska.szlaki.pttk.pl/ by mobile applications. Promotion of selected walking trails by building a new offer of the region entitled "Aerial traces in Lesser Poland" executed with financial support of Lesser Poland Voivodeship as a part of tourist offers competition entitled "Hospitable Lesser Poland".

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