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Dear Tourists!

Welcome to the trails of Lesser Poland!

You are invited to take a virtual walk on the tourist trails of Lesser Poland. Now you can use this sightseeing portal, geoportal and the Trails of Lesser Poland app. The three tools enable you to plan your walking routes, cycling and skiing trips, as well as other excursions. They offer you a significant amount of reliable sightseeing information about the region, especially about the attractions located on the presented tourist trails.

Geoportal is an advanced tool thanks to which you can get three-dimensional information on tourist trails in Lesser Poland visualised on detailed maps and satellite images. Geoportal enables you to plan your trips, determine length, height, vertical intervals, provides information on a type and colour of trails.  It allows for analysis of information in many ways - it is simply a multifunctional and virtual map of Lesser Poland.

A Sightseeing Portal - it is a supplement of the dimensional information offered by Geoportal and includes sightseeing knowledge. It lets you get acquainted with interesting information concerning tourist, historical and other attractions that Lesser Poland is so rich in.

Mobile Application - is a modern tool for mobile devices combining both the geoportal and the sightseeing portal. It offers a mobile and simplified way of accessing maps, spacial and sightseeing information allowing for terrain orientation and navigation. We hope that by creation of this rich, virtual guide to tourist trails of Lesser Poland we will encourage you to practise active tourism in this fascinating region!

PTTK COTG Team made all the effort to present you with up-to-date information of the highest quality. We are going to update the information presented on the website and provide you with the latest changes in the network of the trails of Lesser Poland.
Taking into consideration the extent of the network and its continuous evolution we realise that not all the data will be updated on time. In such cases we ask for your understanding. We hope to hear from you and learn about your comments on both the trails and the portal.

Should you have any comments or questions, please, do not hesitate to write to us using this address: szlaki_malopolska@cotg.pttk.pl

You are more than welcome!

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